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Cera di Cupra


Cera di Cupra is a renowned brand of cosmetics based on a timeless, unchanged formula of natural beeswax. The quality and reliability of the products is the result of the research done in the laboratories of pharmacist Dr. Nicola Ciccarelli. Cera di Cupra was launched in the 1950s, thanks to the intuition of Dr. Ciccarelli which led to the creation of one of Italy’s most popular beauty creams. This pharmacist from Cupra Marittima was a beekeeper who was able to study the exceptional qualities of the fragrant wax guarded by the bees in their impenetrable hives. The natural and nutrient-rich beeswax is an effective anti-aging treatment. Dr. Ciccarelli created an extraordinary cream which he named after a divinity – the beautiful goddess Cupra.

Today, Cera di Cupra is a complete line of facial and body products capable of ensuring specific results targeted at the needs of the most conscious consumers. It includes:
- Beauty Recipe;
- Mature Skin;
- Young Skin;
- Depilatory Line;
- Sun Line.